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Terms of Use

Akkurtlar collects and uses personal information you provide in accordance with the policies and procedures specified in this section. By accessing our web page and saving your resume or information to Akkurtlar's system, you consent to Akkurtlar's collection and processing of personal information as specified in the Terms, Conditions and Privacy Policy.

The application you have made to the "Applications" field on our page allows you to save your resume along with your registration information in Akkurtlar's resume database. Your resume is stored in the software system specially developed by Akkurtlar and there is no access to this system other than Akkurtlar.

(Excluding Summary CV) Top-level security software and systems are used to protect privacy and prevent outside access to the system. Nevertheless, Akkurtlar accepts no responsibility or liability towards unauthorized third parties who access personal information sent to it or stored on your computer system.

Akkurtlar evaluates your resume for possible permanent and periodic vacancies and can offer you job opportunities accordingly. After receiving your resume, it uses the information in your resume to create a record about you in the system. It can add written information obtained directly from you to information taken from your resume. Information that can be added to your record in the software system of Akkurtlar is information that is thought to be necessary or helpful in your recruitment process and is intended to assist.

You permit Akkurtlar to search your reference information in the CV content of your applications that you have shared and / or posted on Akkurtlar's advertisements on other CV portals when requested.
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