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A Story of Brand

Brands grow with their stories. Being aware of this fact, we have become one of the leading brands in the sector by adding many notions to our brand journey that we started with personnel transportation. In this context, we renewed our corporate identity and updated our vision, mission and core values in order to take the work we have been carrying out for many years one step further.
In order to take the exclusive services we offer one step further, take the place we deserve in national and international markets, add value to the future with a new perspective and enthusiasm, we started this change with a global level emblem and logo. Not limited to this, but also we carried our new perspective to all our corporate communication channels. 
With our new emblem, we underline human-centered service, current technologies, innovation, and continuity. We look to the future with more hope and confidence with the principle that you are always safe under the power of this logo and brand.
Today, we are much stronger with our experience, renewed corporate identity and values. We will continue to be a brand that accepts customer satisfaction at the center and provides services that are sensitive to social values and the environment with the win-win principle for all its stakeholders.
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