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Student Transportation

Everything Is Safe With Our Experienced Staff Who Know Their Responsibilities ...

For all kinds of needs and comfort of our children, who are our most valuable assets, we work with the highest level of sensitivity principle that should be shown with our experienced staff who know their responsibilities.

With the GPS (Geographical Positioning Systems) that we use as a standard in our vehicles, we enable all our parents to track the speed and location of the vehicles online with the GPS passwords assigned to them. In addition, we offer our parents the opportunity to receive information via SMS on their mobile phone 500 meters before the address where the student will be picked up or dropped off.
We show special sensitivity to seat belts, which is one of the most important conditions of our life safety and safe traffic flow. We carry our children, who are our future, safely by organizing trainings on three-point seat belts and basic traffic information for our students in the schools we provide transportation.

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