Personel taşımacılığını; bilgi, tecrübe ve ilkeli hizmet anlayışıyla sürdüren markamız, hizmet sunmuş olduğu firmaların personelini konforlu ve güvenli olarak, istenilen lokasyona ulaştırmayı prensip edinmiştir.
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Personnel Transportation

Punctual Service with Our Experienced and Friendly Staff

Personnel transportation; Our brand, which continues with its knowledge, experience and principled service understanding, aims to bring the personnel of the companies it provides service to in a comfortable and safe way to the requested location. We offer punctual service at any time with our experienced, smiling, expert, qualified personnel transportation service.
Our personnel transport employees express our difference with their standard type clothing including special signs of our corporate identity and brand. We keep up-to-date with all the documents and reports required for all our drivers who transport personnel, and archive them on digital platforms such as continuous controls and corporate resource planning software.

We ensure that our personnel transport drivers receive the necessary documents and certifications, as well as "Psychotechnical Competence" certificate and "Safe Driving Techniques" training.

By minimizing the problems related to time, which is one of the biggest problems experienced in big metropolises such as Istanbul; we work with our professional staff and vehicles equipped with A + equipment, without compromising our principles, and with an understanding of perfect service.
To provide special solutions for your needs for personnel transportation; we operate with a wide vehicle fleet in the desired brands and models. As Akkurtlar family, we offer services with the principle of endless customer satisfaction, together with the senior management, manager, project team and driver staff, so that our customers can reach their destination in peace and safety.
Akkurtlar Tourism is a reliable, pioneer and leader in service quality, sought after in personnel transportation sector. It is based on being a company that is aware of customer satisfaction and aims to continuously improve its effectiveness by reviewing its quality management system performance.
Our company, which carries out our personnel transportation service within the framework of ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, ISO27001 and ISO39001 standards, follows the innovations in the current platform and continues to work with the understanding of providing service with high quality standards in personnel transportation, environmentally sensitive, respectful to human rights.

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