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Your meetings and business invitations are more enjoyable with our Bosphorus tours
With Akkurtlar privileges, it is possible for you to make your meetings and business invitations more enjoyable with our Bosphorus tours. In these organizations, we get rid of the intensity of the day and turn your organizations into happiness with comfortable and different alternatives.

With Bosphorus tours, we ensure that our couples who take the first step into their marriage life have unique moments in the engagement ceremonies accompanied by the unforgettable Bosphorus view.

In your wedding and wedding ceremonies, you just have to enjoy the happiness whereas we take care of the whole organization. While the historical buildings, palaces, mansions, bridges and the waves hitting the shore create a magnificent view, we offer a unique view from the boat. Our team, acting according to your wishes, allows you to enjoy live music with our rich menus.

We want to be with you in your special events, with our boat, which is in our fleet, by offering the highest level of service in line with your requests, within the following services:
-Company Promotion Organizations
-Foundation Anniversaries
-Dealer, Company Meetings, Launch, Cocktails
-Graduation Ceremonies
-Year-End Balls
-Engagement, Marriage and Wedding Ceremonies
-Boat Tours etc.
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