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Our Vehicle Fleet

We Provide Quality and Safety Standards with Continuous Inspections
As Akkurtlar, we carry out inspections in project areas and traffic so that the service we offer is carried out in accordance with quality and safety standards.

We present the results of the audit performed by our quality audit team to our customers as a report.

Corrective and preventive actions are also initiated for the nonconformities revealed as a result of the report. By referring to the rules of the Service Regulation in all audits, we ensure that the audits made are accessible to our customers with our corporate software, and that the audit results are shared with all our customers.
Audits Made in the Project Area: Periodically: During the service-related audits; The compliance of the vehicles with the route start-finish and stop times, the communication of the operation supervisor is controlled, and solutions are produced for customer complaints and requests. In the inspections regarding the drivers; dressing, personal care and communication are evaluated.

Driving license, SRC(conformity certificate of driver) certificate, Psychotechnical Certificate, OHS and Safe Driving Trainings Health Report, Alcohol control are performed. In the inspections regarding the vehicles; The physical condition of the vehicles (no damage, seat belt, tire suitability, air conditioning, cleaning, etc.), signage, toolboxes (fire extinguisher, traffic set, etc.), Vehicle Tracking System, License, Insurance, Inspection, Road Certificate, Risk Analysis, etc. documents are checked.
Controls in Traffic: Compliance with traffic rules, lane violation status, whether traffic signal rules and signs are followed, sudden start-stop etc. controls are made.
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