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Vision / Mission

Vision: To be a preferred and endlessly trusted brand that offers sustainable, innovative solutions and services to local and global customers with an unconditional customer satisfaction approach.

Mission: To be a reliable solution partner of the sector by fulfilling the expectations of all our stakeholders at the highest level, sensitive to protection of the society, individual and the environment, using its resources efficiently and effectively, in a sustainable development approach.

Core Values
 • Reliability
 • Honest and Ethical Work
 • Customer and Employee Happiness
 • Creativity and Continuous Improvement
 • Result Oriented
 • Respect for Society and the Environment
 • Productivity
 • Stability
 • Team Spirit and Corporate Culture

Reliability makes itself felt in 3 important stages for our company.
• Working with the zero-defect policy in the functioning of life safety and security rules in our service area.
• To create working environments where customers, suppliers and employees will always feel safe.
• To ensure the long-term journey of all our stakeholders with Akkurtlar in the future by taking firm steps to ensure the continuity of our business.

Honest and Ethical Work
As AKKURTLAR, in all our activities, we set out to complete all our promised and committed responsibilities with a service quality that does not decrease.
Regardless of our competitive conditions, operational difficulties, changing and developing organizational structure, we will never break our honesty and thical working rules.

We do not compromise on honest and ethical work by taking into account the laws in effect, our company's instructions and policies, and the expectations of our stakeholders.

Customer and Employee Happiness
Our employees, who make up our organizations and make a difference to our company with the service quality they provide, are our most valuable assets. The development and pleasure of our employees is an important building block of our corporate identity and corporate culture. 

Creativity and Continuous Improvement
At every stage of our business, all of our work flow processes, organizational structures and operational practices, "Could It Be Even Better?" It is handled with the question. All our responsible experts and managers are able to realize their creative business ideas by working with this awareness.

Result Oriented
As AKKURTLAR employees, each of us gives importance to the responsibility, expertise and management skills are required by our jobs.

This, on the other hand, enables us to analyze our business processes well, manage the flow of our processes well and reach the desired results.
While doing process-oriented work, all of our employees consider being result-oriented as a business discipline.

Respect for Society and the Environment
As AKKURTLAR, we constantly consider the effects, contributions and expectations of our stakeholders on us. We act with the awareness that we have a responsibility towards the social environment and environment in which we live and are affected by its existence and value.
At all stages of our service, we use tools whose impact on the environment are within the limits, to respect all individuals and communities around us, to fulfill all our duties in a timely and effective manner, to benefit the social gain, to comply with the laws always and on time, to not discriminate between people, to provide internship opportunities.

We see it among our responsibilities to society and the environment.

We handle our work strictly within the scope of our goals and the expectations demanded from us, and we set up to achieve the desired business results.

This understanding proves us that efficient and effective working is more correct than the time we spend in our business processes.
We have our efficiency and measurable success targets at all stages of our projects, and we pursue our efficiencies thanks to the criteria that contribute to the improvement of ourselves, our processes and our collective company.

Our company plans to create stability and sustainability in all of its activities that deliver results. Thanks to this situation, we are pursuing medium and long-term goals rather than daily goals.
From service quality to customer focus, from culture management to employee happiness, in short, we put forward important works for stability and sustainability in each of our activities that contribute to our business results.

Team Spirit and Corporate Culture
We work separately for personal achievements, teamwork and creating synergy. This ensures that each of us contributes to business success at the highest level. Each of our employees aims to share information, to work in an efficient and effective team, to cooperate and to benefit from the synergy effect so that their individual success is reflected in the whole team. 
In AKKURTLAR corporate culture, it is the aim of all our employees to be able to take part in an efficient team and to put forward their individual contributions at the highest level for the success of the team.



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